The NeonSax Saxophone Studio

My objectives as an educator are to inspire youth to be outstanding students, learned musicians, and to work with other musicians effectively.

To fulfill this goal, I use a variety of tools in my lessons, ranging from sheet music, incorporation of technological skills relevant to the profession of music, to the use of other musical instruments to guarantee students the best learning environment to suit their needs.

My curriculum

My curriculum is strongly tied to the material that is being taught at the school your student is attending, being able to augment and enhance the experience to create an environment for the student to love music as much as I do.

For beginning students

Lessons will be focused on proper tone production, rhythmic competency, and beginning music theory to understand the functionality of music.

For experienced students

Lessons will be more focused toward advanced tone production and performance comfort, as well as increasing the abilities of the student with the above stated topics. Introductory/ intermediate music theory as well as introductory music history will also make a more prominent feature in our lessons in the effort to create a well-rounded student.

For Students

Please bring the material that you are struggling with in your music classes. I am a teacher of concepts and I will attempt to use all material provided to reinforce these concepts, not just the material I provide.

For Parents

I am more than accepting for all parents wanting to sit in on their student’s lesson to get the full experience and understanding of my teaching, but please let the student get the fullest experience of the lesson. The student is the one that needs to have the material ingrained in them to be the best musician they can be. But by all means! If you have quick questions during the lesson please ask, but if it requires a more detailed answer, I’ll request that to be answered at the end of the lesson. I appreciate your understanding in making your student better!


30 minutes $25

45 minutes $35

60 minutes $45


Please leave your contact info and I will send you an email to arrange our first lesson. (make sure to continue scrolling through the form and press SUBMIT thank you!)