Most Recent Projects


In Dedication to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Alison Poteracke

Washington State University

Jazz Big Band 1

In my final semester at WSU before my student teaching, I was able to use my video production skills for the university. Working directly with director Dr. Greg Yasinitsky, composer Alison Poteracke, and guest soloist Mike Galisatus to produce this video for the School of Music Jazz Livestream in Spring 2021


-James Rae

Bryce Dale, Baritone Saxophone

During my Advanced Practicum to complete my Music Ed. degree I was able to reconnect with my previous instructor Craig Catlett. Taking the afternoon to have some fun sight-reading and jamming, I had a few ideas for new weekend projects to record. Super Bowl Sunday in itself has always allowed me to reserve time to do projects the morning before the big game. This year was no different as I challenged myself to have the entire project complete by kickoff! Practicing more green-screen techniques and editing, I am proud to say I got done with plenty of time before the game.


For Saxophone Quartet

Bryce Dale, Aerophone

Participating in the University Saxophone Quartet allowed me to listen and perform fun and beautiful pieces. Shenandoah is no exception. I decided to use my Roland Aerophone for this to practice the instrument as well as learn about green screen techniques for video editing.

Crazy Eights-

Greg Yasinitsky

Bryce Dale, Baritone Saxophone

Another product of Covid-19, I experimented with video editing techniques to create a "unified performance" video. This style of video allows for video clips to be combined without a seam between the two; giving the illusion of two performers on stage at the same time.

Senior Recital

Neon Sounds of Saxophone-

Bryce Dale, Baritone Saxophone

Jered Kostenko, Piano

Dillon Sellers, Baritone Saxophone

Performed on October 20th, This is a culmination of all of my musical studies at Washington State University. Recorded in a makeshift studio setting, I was able to mix, edit, and produce all of the facets of this performance livestreamed over the School of Music YouTube channel. Please find the individual pieces of this performance at the bottom of this page.

Jazz Band and Sax Band recordings

Flatten That Curve-

Greg Yasinitsky

Washington State University

Jazz Big Band 1

With the new normal that is COVID-19, classes at WSU were transitioned to online platforms for last 2 months of the semester. During this time we participated in a "crash course" of learning effective recording and mixing techniques to create an online performance of "Flatten That Curve"

Atrium Live Performance

November 1, 2019

Washington State University


At WSU there has been a resurgence of small ensemble jazz music in the saxophone area. With our ensemble featuring the leadership of 2 wonderful graduate students, James Carter and Branson Bell, the ensemble prepared to perform at many convocations, as well as the Atrium Music Series that is hosted in the Holland-Terrell Library on WSU Pullman Campus.

Other Performances

WSU Jazz Festival and WSU at the FOX Theater

Virtual Ensemble

Recital Breakdown